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Letitia Baldwin

Letitia Baldwin

Arts Editor at The Ellsworth American
In addition to editing the Arts & Leisure section, Letitia edits special sections including Out & About, Overview, Health Quarterly, Your Maine Home, House & Garden and Get Ready for Winter. She comes from Chicago, Ill, but has deep family ties to the Cranberry Isles. [email protected]
  • Trap recycling program to expand

    Trap recycling program to expand

    GOULDSBORO — OceansWide is looking to expand its lobster trap recycling program after processing 6,000 pounds of wire traps since last summer at its site at the town’s transfer station. The Newcastle-based nonprofit, which teaches scuba diving and provides other hands-on marine experiences in the Gulf of Maine to Maine youth, is looking to set

  • Urchins and oysters eyed for local farming

    Urchins and oysters eyed for local farming

    GOULDSBORO — An organic seaweed farmer is seeking to raise oysters and sea urchins in deep water at an existing ocean site, where the marine species’ growth will be tracked to test their potential as sustainably harvested seafood in years to come.   Last year, Springtide Seaweed LLC founder Sarah Redmond secured a 10-year aquaculture lease

  • Shellfish lab finds a home in Bunkers Harbor

    Shellfish lab finds a home in Bunkers Harbor

    GOULDSBORO — A former clam-buying station is poised to get a facelift and start operating as a shellfish laboratory next spring in Bunkers Harbor. The facility, which will raise and scatter baby soft-shell clams to replenish local flats, will serve as a trial balloon for other coastal communities. On Bunkers Harbor’s eastern shore, longtime lobster

  • Maine’s scallop fishery poised to open

    Maine’s scallop fishery poised to open

    BAR HARBOR — Hancock County residents can look forward to feasting on freshly harvested sea scallops when the 2020-21 scallop fishing season kicks off in coming weeks. Maine’s scallop fishery landed 415,818 pounds of scallop meats worth $4.359 million in 2019, making it the state’s 10th most lucrative seafood.  On Nov. 5, the Maine Department of

  • Gouldsboro lobster buying station and wharf sold

    Gouldsboro lobster buying station and wharf sold

    GOULDSBORO — It took less than an hour last Wednesday for Tranzon Auction Properties to sell Gouldsboro Enterprise’s South Gouldsboro property, comprising a lobster buying station, 65-foot wharf, lobster pound, two-story home and a .09-acre parcel of land, for $380,000 to Hal Harlan of Indianapolis, Ind. The previous owner was Melinda Boumans, who bought the business in 2013.   In 25-

  • Another nor’easter expected to hit today

    Another nor’easter expected to hit today

    ELLSWORTH —A handful of households have gone without power for five days while others got it back over the weekend, but Hancock County residents are bracing for another nor’easter tonight. The storm is expected to build starting this afternoon, bringing more than 1 inch of rainfall and wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. Coastal

  • Nor’easter knocks power out across Hancock County

    BAR HARBOR — Some 16,000 Emera Maine customers remained without electricity Friday morning after driving wet snow and wind gusts over 40 miles per hour knocked out power overnight throughout Hancock County. Emera Maine spokeswoman Judy Long reported Friday that “Ellsworth, Deer Isle, Gouldsboro and Stonington are among the hardest-hit towns” in Hancock County. “Our

  • Fun things to do

    Fun things to do

    With so many folks and families confined to their homes, many artists and musicians have stepped up and offered free lessons and material. Here’s some we’ve come across. Know of others? Send to [email protected]     The fold of art   Origami cranes and dogs were on tap as part of Cherryfield artist Audra Christie’s first two live online

  • Boys respond to cry for help in the cold

    Boys respond to cry for help in the cold

      WINTER HARBOR — Two boys’ concern and quick response to a fallen elderly woman’s plight cut short a life-threatening situation during last weekend’s bitter cold. Sunday afternoon, 14-year-old Logan Leighton and Emmett Moshier, 12, were out for a walk and headed down to the town pier when the boys heard a voice in the