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Ethan Genter

Ethan Genter

  • Aquaculture bill draws scrutiny at statehouse 

    Aquaculture bill draws scrutiny at statehouse 

    A bill seemingly proposed in response to a controversial salmon farm project in Frenchman Bay drew robust comment at the statehouse on Tuesday, with proponents arguing for a second look at the state’s aquaculture permitting process, while aquaculturists said the proposed changes could cripple a growing industry and be especially harmful to smaller businesses.  

  • NOAA starts phaseout of paper nautical charts   

    NOAA starts phaseout of paper nautical charts   

    When Karl Brunner takes tourists out on his sail charters and lobster tours, he has a trusty paper nautical chart from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association that acts as a map to the ocean. It shows water depths, buoys, traffic lanes and navigation channels, and NOAA has been producing them to help guide mariners for nearly 200 years.  

  • Harbormaster to join police department 

    Harbormaster to join police department 

    The Bar Harbor Town Council voted Tuesday night to restructure the harbor department, merging it with the police department, and to appoint Bar Harbor police Special Services Sergeant Chris Wharff to be the new harbormaster starting next month. 

  • Elver season is now underway 

    Elver season is now underway 

    The elver season is already underway, but it likely won’t heat up in earnest until temperatures ratchet up a few more degrees. “People ain’t catching a whole lot right now,” said Ellsworth-based Darrell Young, the co-director of the Maine Elver Fishermen’s Association. The multimillion-dollar fishery opened on March 22, but local fishermen have reported little action while waiting for waters to warm up. 

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