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  • No plans yet for new building near airport

    No plans yet for new building near airport

    TRENTON — For years, the deteriorating structure on the perimeter of the Bar Harbor Airport and across from the access road to the Trenton Elementary School has had a flag announcing that it was open for business and a sign that read, “Breakfast Served.” “That was a joke,” says Bill Labelle, who bought the property

  • Broadband survey planned

    TRENTON — The town’s Broadband Committee, recently formed to explore how to provide better broadband internet access to residents, is set to distribute a survey in the coming weeks about internet access and options. Selectman Rachel Nobel presented a report from the committee, which meets every second Tuesday at 5:15 p.m., to the Board of

  • Trenton goes ‘one bin all in’

    Trenton goes ‘one bin all in’

    TRENTON — Can I recycle a dirty pizza box? Does a cereal box technically count as cardboard? Will anyone notice if I slip a #3 plastic in the bin marked only for #1 and #2? Trenton residents will no longer have to deliberate over such questions as they stand over sorting containers. That’s because on

  • Building code to go to voters

    TRENTON — Voters at Town Meeting next spring will decide whether the town will adopt part or all of the state Uniform Building and Energy Code. According to Code Enforcement Officer Angela Chamberlain, the town can adopt the building code without the energy code, the energy code without the building code, or it can adopt

  • Zoning changes go to voters

    TRENTON — A special town meeting is set for Tuesday, Oct. 22, to vote on proposed land use ordinance changes intended to make it easier for landowners to develop their property. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the town office. Like most towns, Trenton requires a certain minimum road frontage to develop

  • Western Bay Oyster Co. shares plans for standard lease

    Western Bay Oyster Co. shares plans for standard lease

    BAR HARBOR — On Monday, Matt Gerald of Western Bay Oyster Co. held a public scoping session on a proposed longer-term aquaculture lease of the 3.36-acre site in Western Bay that he’s already farming. The site is near the head of Mount Desert Island, south of Old House Cove in Western Bay and near Windaway

  • Hospital celebrates strong community ties

    Hospital celebrates strong community ties

    BAR HARBOR — Health care delivered by neighbors, to neighbors, at the highest level of skill. That’s how Jim Bright, chairman of the board of trustees, summed up the mission of the Mount Desert Island Hospital when he spoke at the organization’s annual meeting at the Bar Harbor Club Monday. Chrissy Maguire-Harding, the hospital’s chief

  • Dormitories debated

    BAR HARBOR — At a public hearing last Wednesday, the head of one of the large hotel companies that operates here thanked the Planning Board for working on a zoning change to allow the construction of employee dormitories. “I’ve been working with the board on this for over three years now,” said David C. Witham

  • ‘B&B’ application tabled again

    BAR HARBOR — Ledgelawn Avenue residents Robert and Kate Jordan, accompanied by their attorney Bill Reiff, appeared before the Planning Board on June 19 to discuss their application to operate a TA-1, which is a bed and breakfast accommodation in a private, year-round residence. The Jordans had previously rented out an apartment above their garage

  • New tavern in Manset

    New tavern in Manset

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The former Dockside Inn at 48 Shore Road across from the town dock in Manset reopened this past weekend under new ownership and with a new name. Peter Trout Tavern is owned by Ryan Lamon and Alex Loftus. The pair purchased the 48 Shore Road property in December and have spent the

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