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Barbara Caldwell-Pease

Barbara Caldwell-Pease

  • Cranberry Isles: Caucus to be held

    February left the islands in a bluster last week, causing icy temperatures prompting the commuter ferry and the mail boat to cancel all runs on Thursday. Lyndsay Eysnogle hosted a showing of Disney’s “Moana” at 4 p.m. at the Neighborhood House, adding warmth and cheer to a frigid day. Happily, March’s entry was gentler, with

  • Cranberry Isles: Trivia Night a success

    The Cranberry Isles passed another week of temperatures alternating between single digits and the 40s. There is a little snow covering mixed with ice, but the roads, pier and parking areas are clear. Chickadees, cowbirds and American crows have been visiting a few island gardens, reminding people that spring will eventually return. Tuesday’s coffee hour

  • Cranberry Isles: Frigid waters can’t stop the Dip of the Month Club

    During the past week on the Cranberry Islands, temperatures have fluctuated between the forties and single digits. Wednesday’s snow fall, though not heavy on the islands, probably contributed to the accident on Mount Desert Island which caused a short power outage on the islands. Thanks to Katelyn Damon for keeping everyone informed. Islesford Neighborhood House

  • Cranberry Isles: Coffee hour starting

    The past week on Cranberry Isles was a relatively quiet one, with a little snow and rain. However, the cloudy skies provided gorgeous sunsets, gold, crimson and lavender spreading across the treetops and gilding the waves. On Tuesday, Islesford Neighborhood House Library hosted the first coffee hour of the season with Sally Rowan as guest

  • Cranberry Isles: Make your own buoy

    The Cranberry islands enjoyed milder weather during the past week. A scant dusting of snow fell Saturday night, but, at least on Islesford, most had melted by mid-afternoon. Though cloud cover has been fairly constant, periods of sunshine highlight the bare beauty of the islands in winter. Kelly and George Dickson hosted a New Year’s

  • Cranberry Isles: The spirit of friendship

    The Cranberry Isles received enough snow this week to brighten the fields and frost the evergreens. The islands may be at their most beautiful in winter. White banks sparkle in the morning sun, crossed by lavender shadows, changing to indigo in the evening, contrasting with the blue-green sea. Islesford’s Christmas party was the highlight of

  • Cranberry Isles: New books at the library

    Cranberry Isles: New books at the library

    After another tumultuous weather week, rough seas prompted the cancellation of all mail boat trips on Saturday. Islesford lost power Saturday morning. However, temperatures were around 50 degrees and, despite continued gale warnings, Emera made it to the island on Sunday. Power was restored by mid-morning. On Wednesday, the fearless ladies of the Dip of