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Barbara Caldwell-Pease

Barbara Caldwell-Pease

  • Cranberry Isles: Archery deer season began Sept. 12 

    Greetings from the Cranberry islands where each season has its own unique beauty. Early autumn, with its bright blue skies, fluffy clouds, cool breezes and sparkling water is no exception. Usually, after Labor Day, island population decreases quickly. However, this year, many residents have chosen to delay their departure. Happily, the end of the week featured that gorgeous autumn weather and the festival feel

  • Cranberry Isles: One for the books 

    Autumn is arriving softly on the Cranberry Islands. There is a distinct chill in the night air on the water and leaves already have a tinge of yellow. However, thoughts of hot tea, spices and wood smoke are still only in the background as intracoastal waters teem with pleasure boats, yachts, lobster and fishing vessels.   Librarian Cindy Thomas initiated the 2020 Islesford Neighborhood

  • Cranberry Isles: Flu shot clinics being planned

    It was a cooler in the Cranberry Isles last week. The fall-like weather included a full day of heavy rain and weekend wind. While the precipitation was appreciated, the threat of bad weather from the remnants of Hurricane Laura prompted Downeast Windjammers to cancel all of Saturday’s runs on the Cranberry Cove Ferry. A return of warmer weather is in the

  • Cranberry Isles: Geology student hiking all Acadia’s major peaks 

    Summer paraded its colors last week on the Cranberry Isles. The weather was warm but not too hot and breezes were abundant. Cattails, Queen Anne’s Lace and goldenrod swayed beneath vivid sunsets, stars were brilliant in the night skies, and in the day, billowing sails bloomed on the sparkling water.   Unfortunately, Chris Sandburg came upon a still smoldering fire among dried seaweed

  • Cranberry Isles: Important books added to collection 

    The Cranberry Isles enjoyed another beautiful week, though many expressed concerns about gardens and yards due to the lack of rain. Happily, rain was forecast for early this week.   Officers were elected at last Monday’s meeting of the Islesford Neighborhood House Association. Bob Keohane was elected president, Eleanor Bright was voted in as treasurer, Kelly Dickson was chosen as secretary and Tammy Palmer as coordinator. Congratulations,

  • Cranberry Isles: Celebrate the dog days of summer  

    Things have heated up on the Cranberry Isles, at least weather-wise. Temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s were the norm last week. Of course, that encouraged swimming, more boating, fishing and all the summer activities islanders enjoy.  Jeri Spurling spent her birthday weekend exploring Maine with two of her children. Last Sunday, she and her youngest daughter, Heather, who lives in Portland, Ore., hiked the

  • Cranberry Isles: Explorer Shuttle back in service 

    Pleasant temperatures mitigated frequent cloudy skies last week on the Cranberry Isles. Fortunately, a couple of clear nights provided opportunities to view and photograph Comet NEOWISE (look for Mandy Bracy’s stunning photograph from the Great Cranberry Dock). Seas remained calm enough to see heavy traffic visiting local harbors. Though there may have been fewer visitors than usual, many are still coming to the isles

  • Cranberry Isles: Mills proclaims Ashley Frederick Bryan Day

    Fog was a major weather factor for most of last week in the Cranberry Isles, making the islands feel remote and ethereal. Rain made frequent appearances, along with a thunderstorm or two.   Wednesday night, after finishing the Cranberry Cove Ferry runs, Captain Mandy Bracy had to take an outboard to great Cranberry from Southwest Harbor in one of the thunderstorms. There were a couple of

  • Cranberry Isles: Quilt auction will benefit Cranberry House 

    In the Cranberry Isles, last week was a damp, cool one, providing relief from too many dry weeks, boosting the growing power of island plants, including victory gardens, flowers, grass and local flora. The rain held off for Independence Day, though fog settled in by the time a private fireworks show deployed nearby.   Sue Hill announced the opening of Winter’s Work, with hours