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Anne Kozak

Anne Kozak

  • FOA honors three

    BAR HARBOR — The Marianne Edwards award, Friends of Acadia’s highest honor, was presented to Sheridan Steele, superintendent of Acadia National Park, at FOA’s annual meeting July 8. While Steele probably qualified for this award in each of his 12 years as superintendent, the award is particularly appropriate this year, said FOA President David MacDonald.

  • Acadia friends group touts successes

    BAR HARBOR — Friends of Acadia board Chairman Ed Samek noted that the organization had a very successful year and accomplished “incredible work,” during remarks at the group’s 28th annual meeting on July 8. That success was due, he said, to staff, volunteers and members working together as “team FOA,” a phrase that was echoed

  • David Rockefeller at 100: A life of service and philanthropy

    David Rockefeller at 100: A life of service and philanthropy

    David Rockefeller’s belief that individuals and nations with great wealth and power have a moral obligation to improve the world and the lives of people was honed by the example of his grandfather and father, his mentors in graduate school, his war experience, his international travels and his work experience at Chase National Bank. And

  • Rockefeller saw service in World War II

    Much to David Rockefeller’s surprise, his mother, a pacifist, told him that the United States had to be involved in World War II to protect “our way of life, and that men who were eligible ought to do their duty by enlisting.” After discussing with his wife what he called an “unsettling conversation” with his

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