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Anne Kozak

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Anne teaches writing at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.
  • MDIBL eyes expansion

    MDIBL eyes expansion

    One change the lab’s president, Hermann Haller, has initiated is changing the name “summer program” to “science village.”

  • Colket: firefighter and benefactor honored with plaque

    Colket: firefighter and benefactor honored with plaque

    BAR HARBOR—In recognition of Tris Colket’s many contributions to the fire department as a volunteer firefighter and benefactor, firefighters on Wednesday placed a plaque at the base of the flagpole in front of the fire station honoring Colket, who died in July.   In September 1974, Colket jointed the department as a “call firefighter” and kept a plectron (an emergency alerting radio receiver) in the front hall of Kenarden, his home on

  • MDIBL receives $1million challenge grant 

    MDIBL receives $1million challenge grant 

    BAR HARBOR—At the recent annual meeting of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory (MDIBL),President Herman Haller announced that the lab has received a $1 million challenge grant. The grant, said Haller, will allow the lab to continue its 122-year legacy of recruiting and retaining outstanding scientists, providing cutting-edge educational programs, expanding opportunities for visiting scientists, investing in technology and innovation and

  • Allen honored at MDIBL

    Allen honored at MDIBL

    BAR HARBOR — After six years, Peter J. Allen, professor and chief of surgical oncology at Duke University stepped down as chairman of the board of the MDI Biological Laboratory (MDIBL) but will remain on the board. In recognizing Allen at the recent annual meeting, Ed Benz, the acting chair and long-time board member, said

  • Research, education and biotech are MDIBL pillars

    Research, education and biotech are MDIBL pillars

    BAR HARBOR — In charting a new direction for MDI Biological Laboratory, President Herman Haller has said the laboratory is focusing on four pillars: faculty, visiting scientists, education and biotechnology. That focus not only provides a clear direction for the laboratory but define its structure, said Haller at last week’s annual meeting. When he assumed

  • By Anne Kozak [email protected] BAR HARBOR — Despite the five-week government shutdown earlier this year, insufficient funding and traffic issues over the Fourth of July, Acadia National Park is positively addressing issues and moving toward solutions. That was the message from Friends of Acadia Board Chair Anne Green, President David MacDonald, Conservation Director Stephanie Clement

  • Organoids a window into human development, disease

    Organoids a window into human development, disease

    BAR HARBOR — For some, the word “organoid” — a small collection of cells that behave like organs — might connote some far out idea, and until recently that would have been true. But scientists are now using this new tool to learn more about human development, disease and regenerative medicine. Organoids are miniature 3-D

  • MDIBL charts new directions Summer faculty program may return

    MDIBL charts new directions Summer faculty program may return

    BAR HARBOR — With a new president, the MDI Biological Laboratory is expanding both physically and conceptually. Hermann Haller, who began his tenure as president at last week’s annual meeting, laid out his vision for the institution at the meeting and in a subsequent interview. “My strategy is that we cannot survive without enhanced education

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