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  • Viewpoint: Support town-owned solar power at town meeting 

    By Kenneth Colburn  The impacts of climate change are now bearing down upon us; we now have less than 10 years to reduce carbon emissions enough to mitigate its worst effects. Fortunately, Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island’s other towns have recognized the need for urgent action.   In November 2019, the town of Bar Harbor

  • To the Editor: Please join me 

    To the Editor:  As the time for candidates to file for reelection drew near, I was faced with a number of choices. Did I want to run for the Maine House, the Maine Senate or for no seat at all? Ultimately, I chose to leave office to attend law school. It was a difficult decision.

  • To the Editor: Mark your calendars 

    To the Editor:  For the first time in a dozen years or more, the League of Women Voters Downeast will not be holding a candidate forum for the election of a state senator in the district that encompasses most of Hancock County.   This is a big disappointment to us in the League, but we have

  • To the Editor: The absurdity of it 

    To the Editor:  On May 14, I had the good fortune to have attended a rally on Bar Harbor’s village green in support of Roe vs. Wade. The women attending were parents, professionals, married, single, students, aunts, nieces, grandparents, cousins and neighbors. The rally was strong and the speakers outstanding. Unfortunately, missing among the many

  • To the Editor: Let’s get her elected 

    To the Editor:  I’m writing to encourage my friends and neighbors to vote for Nicole Grohoski in the June 14 special election for the Maine senate. I’ve seen firsthand that she is a hardworking and thoughtful person, whose concern for the health of the community and the planet benefits us all. Her successful wrangling of

  • To the Editor: Wonderful community 

    To the Editor:  We had our Senior Prom on May 14, and we members of the prom committee, Elena Alderman, Bella Brown, Emily Carter, Natalie Rechholtz, Claire Sanner and Sadie Sullivan, would like to thank all the local businesses and individuals that helped make it a wonderful and memorable event.  Sincere thanks to the folks at

  • To the Editor: ALS on MDI 

    To the Editor:  I live in Seal Cove. My family owns a boatyard, Redfern Boat, in Tremont, and I have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I have what’s called Bulbar Onset ALS (symptoms first occur in the face or neck). I cannot speak or swallow.   ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, attacks the motor neurons,

  • To the Editor: Doomed from the start 

    To the Editor:  Thank you for the “Digging the hole deeper” editorial on May 12. You are articulating what I have been thinking for several years, ever since the Fiberight proposal first surfaced.  You see, after leaving Maine in 1977, I spent the next 15 years working in the field of municipal solid waste management

  • To the Editor: A tireless workhorse 

    To the Editor:  This letter is in support of Nicole Grohoski for the upcoming special election for Maine State Senate.  I have known Nicole and her parents for a long time. Ellsworth is Nicole’s hometown, and she is very dedicated to the city and the region. Nicole is a professional geographic information systems specialist and

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