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  • Letter to the Editor: Who’s at risk? 

    To the Editor:  A common concern about COVID-19 is “who is most at risk?” Some people say those individuals should protect themselves and that it is not our job to protect them.  Many of you are aware that the disease is more likely to result in death or severe illness in the elderly and those with preexisting

  • Letter to the Editor: Think before you vote 

    To the Editor:  Donald Trump first ran for President wearing a red cap and using the slogan “Make American Great Again.” He was elected.   Now he is running for reelection as the head of the Republican Party with the support of all the Republican Senators and House members who have supported him for the past three-and-a-half

  • Letter to the Editor: This is the time 

    To the Editor:  As a nurse-midwife working to improve health care for women, I’ve spent time on Capitol Hill informing legislators about midwifery practice and health risks for Maine women: access to care, closing rural maternity services, etc. I learned that educating our legislators is challenging but critical. We need a senator from Maine who is informed

  • Viewpoint: Every Maine household deserves high-speed internet

    By Pat Pinto  It shouldn’t take a pandemic to underscore the importance of high-speed internet in our state. Rural Maine’s struggle with connectivity has been going on for years, but with COVID-19, the true consequences of slow or no internet can no longer be ignored.  During the last few months, residents throughout Maine have voiced their frustration.

  • Letter to the Editor: Change is difficult for many 

    To the Editor:  Trenton Elementary School PRIDE!!  My mom, (Mrs. R), always would say to me, “Steff, in difficult situations, look hard for the silver lining, it is there!” Well, going into this year’s promotion ceremony, I was skeptical of how this was going to turn out, not because I had any doubt in the planning of Mr. Z and the promotion team, but

  • Letter to the Editor: Thanks needed, not tirades 

    To the Editor:  I read Tom St. Germain’s Viewpoint in the June 18 Islander and I was appalled by his need to attack a person who has worked extremely hard to contribute to our community just because she happens to disagree with him and has not been too intimidated to voice her opinions and work openly for what she believes is right

  • Letter to the Editor: Join the debate 

    To the Editor:  Gary Friedmann’s Islander column of June 25 fell beneath the dignity one expects of an elected official.   Mr. Friedmann makes no attempt to rebut the detailed facts and analysis contained in a flyer authored by my wife, Donna Karlson. Instead, he makes a conspiratorial charge that an anonymous “they” are mailing “their views to every