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  • Community Forum: Climate denial an attractive myth

    By Susan Letcher   In my 40-year lifetime, I’ve witnessed two profound shifts that are shaping our collective future. The first is climate change. As a kid, I can remember some years when we skated on Echo Lake before Thanksgiving. Imagine that today. My personal experience is one tiny and insignificant data point. But now,

  • Letter to Editor: Summer camp and resilience

    To the Editor: Jill Goldthwait’s recent column on the disappearance of “free range childhood” in Maine raised some important concerns and it reminded me about why I chose to make the summer camp my chosen career path. Ms. Goldthwait is correct that many children are over-scheduled. Twenty years ago, a University of Michigan study showed

  • Letter to Editor: Unnecessary controversy

    To the Editor: Might be worth considering that in today’s America many are threatened by the idea of an educated populace, making this in itself a “controversial subject”? An example is climate change. Science overwhelmingly tells us that climate change is real and that humans are primarily responsible. One may accept or not accept the

  • Letter to Editor: Pedal-assist should be OK

    To the Editor: The Sept. 5 issue of the Islander contains a news article, an editorial and a letter to the editor all of which exhibit some confusion concerning the position of the Department of Interior concerning the use of electric bicycles (“e-bikes”) in national parks. The Department’s position has been clarified by the National

  • Letter to Editor: Typical tourist town

    To The Editor: I visited Bar Harbor in late July and have to say that as much as I loved Acadia National Park, I was very disappointed and saddened at how Bar Harbor has lost its charm and local flavor. It was over-crowded by cruise ships tourists and overrun by “typical” tourist stores selling endless

  • Letter to Editor: Troubled by callousness

    To the Editor: What I saw on the CBS Evening News on Thursday, Aug. 29 shocked and disgusted me. It is I’m afraid another example of how our society has declined. A woman was left alone in a jail cell for five hours as she gave birth to her child. That woman needlessly suffered for

  • Letter to Editor: Noise annoys

    To the Editor: The recent article in the Mount Desert Islander, as well as the fact that two of the three letters to the editor in that same issue concern noise complaints in other Mount Desert Island towns, have prompted me to write this letter. I am an abutter to the MDI Lobster property, and

  • Letter to Editor: Time for tolls?

    To the Editor: Once upon a time, long, long ago, before cruise ships, we did our weekly shopping in Bar Harbor. Even then, parking and congestion were difficult. One had to frequently wait for a spot at Don’s. Once inside it was obvious that few of the parkers were actually shopping in Don’s. This forced

  • Letter to Editor: E-bike order a bad idea

    To the Editor: Recently, my daughter and I and my 22-month-old granddaughter were enjoying a walk around Witch Hole Pond on a popular carriage road in Acadia National Park used by hikers and bikers alike. Less than a mile along our way, we found a dead little ring-neck snake run over by a bicycle. A

  • Letter to Editor: Dangerous views

    To the Editor: We all know the danger of falsely crying “Fire” in a crowded theater, but even more dangerous is crying ‘There is no fire!’ when smoke and flames are already visible. The Mount Desert Islander has published many letters by Mr. Tom Rolfes, most recently on Aug. 22, that present a contrarian perspective