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  • Island Briefs

    Island Briefs

    The monthly meeting of Indivisible MDI will be online at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 10. Representatives from the Maine League of Women Voters will present a program called A Better Way to Elect the President: The Case for a National Popular Vote. 

  • Editorial: Collision course 

    The North Atlantic right whale is on the brink of extinction and efforts to save it may spell the end for another marine mammal: the Maine lobsterman. While the whales would cease to be, the lobstermen could, presumably, reinvent themselves. But the death of this way of life would be an incalculable loss. Lobstering is not just a $1.5-billion economic powerhouse, factoring in the annual catch and

  • To the Editor: Housing plan a winner 

    To the Editor:  Great employees make the difference in the success of any institution. Whether it’s a local hotel or a local cutting–edge scientific research facility, the employees make it happen. Hard–working employees deserve reasonable housing opportunities for themselves and/or their families. As obvious as that seems, it’s a real challenge without easy solutions. The demand for the limited supply of

  • To the Editor: LD 495 

    To the Editor:  Recently a bill designated as LD 495 was introduced in the Maine House of Representatives that would increase the top state income bracket to 11.15 percent, which is a 62 percent increase over the current percentage. If enacted, this would give Maine the distinction of being second only to California with the highest state income tax bracket. Regrettably,

  • To the Editor: Camel’s nose 

    To the Editor:  The proposed 154–space campground on 42 acres on Tremont Road will have a significant impact on the entire west side of the island. There will be an additional 150-plus vehicles (70 of them RVs) rolling down the roads. All those RVs and cars will be lumbering through Somesville, down Indian Point Road, over Pretty

  • To the Editor: Neoliberalism 

    To the Editor:  For quite some time I have been hearing the word “neoliberalism.” I wondered about it, probably made some unwarranted assumptions about it, but let it slide for too long. Even as a neophyte, it is my suggestion that neoliberalism is a reality that all Americans should make an effort to understand.   Neoliberalism has been quietly “sourced”

  • Viewpoint: Zone B response to pending whale regulations 

    By Richard Howland  I am writing this on behalf of the Zone B Lobster Council to voice our opposition to the proposed whale regulations facing the Maine Lobster industry. Our council as a whole is a pretty good representation of the industry. We are comprised of younger fisherman and older fisherman, some of us fish offshore and

  • Viewpoint: Semi-open primaries will bring our political process in line with our values 

    By Rep. Nicole Grohoski  Whenever I’m weighing decisions and votes in Augusta — or, this year, from home via Zoom with my colleagues scattered across the state — I aim to stay grounded in our community. It’s clear to me from the conversations I’ve had at doors and around town these past few years that many of us share the same values. We work hard,

  • MaineHousing launches new rent relief program

    MaineHousing launches new rent relief program

    MaineHousing is overseeing a new Emergency Rental Assistance Program for Maine renters affected by COVID-19. The program will officially begin accepting applications Monday, March 1, at noon.

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