Spirituality is the focus of two weekend events

TREMONT — The Northeast Guild for Spiritual Foundation will offer two weekend events in June.

The first, June 5-7, features Cynthia Bourgeault and Paulette Meier. The event will focus on what Bourgeault calls “The core, sacred gesture” of letting go in two streams, the classical Christian practice of centering prayer and the Quaker tradition of silence. Sacred song-chants composed by Meier will be part of the practice.

The second event, June 26-28, features Belden Lane, retired professor of theology and spirituality at St. Louis University, whose special interest is in the spirituality of landscapes, both outer and inner. His first book, “The Solace of Fierce Landscapes,” focused on his exploration of outer desert landscapes in Jordan, the Sinai, Egypt and the American Southwest, while during these years accompanying his mother through her long journey of dying.

His new book, which he will explore in the event, is “Backpacking with the Saints: Wilderness Hiking as Spiritual Practice.” In this book, he focuses on the outer journey of his many years’ experience wilderness backpacking on several continents, as well as his inner journey exploring the spiritual writing of several traditions, including Thich Nhat Hanh, John of the Cross, Rumi, Mohandas Gandhi and Thomas Merton.

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