Prison guard to reveal life on the inside



SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Robert Reilly, author of “Life in Prison: Eight Hours at a Time,” will speak the Southwest Harbor Public Library Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m.

After 13 years of struggling in the music business, Reilly decided it was time to get a real job with regular hours, pay and benefits. Almost on a whim, he applied for a job at the county prison and was hired, much to his surprise. As Reilly says, “I left the madness of the music industry and entered the insanity of the U.S. prison system.”

Reilly candidly tells exactly what it is like to work as a guard in a super-maximum security prison. Reilly writes about the harshness of prison life and its effect on both the inmates and the guards. There is brutality, but there is also kindness and humanity.

“Life in Prison,” Reilly’s first book, won the silver medal for the 2015 Ben Franklin Award, Best New Voice for Nonfiction, and has been critically acclaimed by reviewers around the country.

There will be time for discussion. Call the library at 244-7065.

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