• DVD Review: The Revenant

    DVD Review: The Revenant

    After two hours and 36 minutes of watching Leo get mauled, clawed, eaten, beaten, stabbed, strangled, hacked, chased, shot at and betrayed, we vowed to never again complain about having to mow the lawn. You’ll never again feel so soft, spoiled and under-toiled in the wake of this exhausting and exhaustive saga of agony and

  • DVD Review: Joy

    “Joy” is a frenetic and at times screwball comedy with a bleak underbelly. It is inspirational and depressing all at once and features the same energy as writer/director David O. Russell’s last two hits, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle.” It is the third in a series of collaborations among Russell and actors Jennifer Lawrence,

  • DVD Review: Jane Got a Gun

    DVD Review: Jane Got a Gun

    Procedurally, “Jane Got a Gun” starts out easy on the brain. Jane (Natalie Portman) is a contented 1871 wife and mother in the New Mexican outback. Her husband, Bill (Noah Emmerich), rides up looking weary and unstable in the saddle. He tumbles to the ground and Jane learns he has been shot to hell by

  • DVD Review: The Choice

    DVD Review: The Choice

    No good deed goes unpunished in our house. Case in point: On Mother’s Day, we announced that we were headed to Redbox to forage for movies. She Who Must Be Obeyed indicated Self and No. 2 Daughter and issued the following directive: “Get something we all can watch.” Translation: “Girlie movie.” Even though Mother’s Day

  • DVD Review: Brooklyn

    DVD Review: Brooklyn

    The sweetest, most romantic movie in recent memory is also among the most straightforward: Love, absence, heartache, return. “Brooklyn” is less a motion picture than a motion painting. Scene after color-saturated scene is beautiful. The close-ups of the heroine’s lovely, unadorned, Irish face gladden the heart. The music makes the heart gladder still. This is

  • DVD Review: Spectre

    DVD Review: Spectre

    It’s been a while since we sat in an uncomprehending stupor for more than two hours. The first such coma was occasioned by French I our first semester of college. Word order, conjugations, passé composé, pronunciation and être washed over and around as we stared, head to one side, at the instructor like an infant

  • DVD Review: Spotlight

    DVD Review: Spotlight

    Elements of a good police procedural, parts of “All the President’s Men,” yes, you’ll recognize them. But “Spotlight” is its very own work of compelling storytelling. The only thing harder than watching it, once you’ve put it in the DVD player, is not watching it. This is the story — the true story — of

  • DVD Review: Black Mass

    DVD Review: Black Mass

    Here is a story with great bio-pic potential: Whitey Bulger playing footsy with the FBI while he extorts and murders his way to the top of Beantown, which is what actually happened. “Black Mass” has Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch and an Academy-award winning director. Here’s what it doesn’t have: chemistry. The better mob

  • DVD Review: House of Cards, Season 4

    DVD Review: House of Cards, Season 4

    Imagine a president of the United States whose sole credential is ruthless ambition. An utterly narcissistic president seething with base motives, who doesn’t care about the best interests of his constituents, his country or the world community. One who, in his paranoid passion for self-advancement, betrays wife, colleagues, voters and decency. Like, can you even

  • DVD Review: The Night Before

    DVD Review: The Night Before

    ’Twas “The Night Before,” a Christmas movie, and all through the flick the laughs just kept coming, according to this chick. But let’s get this out of the way: “The Night Before” is crude — maybe even blasphemous — and hilarious. While this is a pretty raunchy comedy, not-so-deep-down it is also a sweet story

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