It’s a crewel, crewel world

TREMONT — The crewel work of Susannah Jones will be on display at the Bass Harbor Memorial Library for the months of October and November. There will be a reception with music by Ruth Grierson on Thursday, Oct. 8, from 4:30-6 p.m.

Jones, a resident of Bernard, is a musician, poet and artist. She and her late husband, Charles Jones, lived together in a creative, nonconventional way. They rode their bikes around Europe for a year with their two sons at one point. They founded and managed an artist colony in the hills of North Carolina for many years.

Jones has continued to create and live an artists’ life, and her crewel work reflects this sensibility. She works without patterns, literally stitching outside of the lines. Many of her pieces are fabricate remnants that she was inspired to adorn; others are works begun by others. Some of her designs are from book illustrations; most emerged from her imagination.

The library display will include a couch she has covered in medieval images, two chairs with stitched seats, a curtain she pieced together in a collage of fabrics and adorned with fish and birds and flowers, two portraits of her sons embellished with their interests, various pillows and other pieces.

In late October, the library will show a documentary movie, “My Architect,” in which Jones and her husband were featured.

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