Braestrup raises ‘Anchors & Flares’

BAR HARBOR — Maine writer Kate Braestrup is back with a third memoir, “Anchors & Flares,” the follow up to her two previous critically acclaimed bestsellers. Braestrup will be at the Jesup Memorial Library on Thursday, July 23, at 7 p.m.

“Anchors & Flares” is about parenting, specifically parenting a child in the service. Braestrup grapples with faith and fear and learns that the threats we can’t predict both rip us apart and knit us together. Braestrup’s first memoir, “Here If You Need Me,” covered her journey from grief to faith to happiness; her second, “Marriage and Other Acts of Charity,” turned her attention to love and commitment.

Catherine Newsman, author of “Waiting for Birdy” says, “Reading ‘Anchors & Flares’ is like having a fiercely compassionate and comically no-nonsense best friend meandering with you through meditations on faith, war, death and parenting. Why? Why? Why? Braestrup asks a million times, in a million different ways. Sometimes the answer is courage or grief or hope. But usually it’s love.”

Books will be on sale at the Jesup that night with a percentage of sales donated to the library. Sherman’s is a co-sponsor of the event.

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For more about the event, contact the Jesup at 288-4245 or [email protected]

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