After an extensive renovation, Rockefeller Hall at the Schoodic Institute was rededicated in the summer of 2013. FILE PHOTO

Schoodic Center is Acadia’s education arm

Since being relinquished by the U.S. Navy, the former base at Schoodic has been transformed into a world-class education and research center. When the base closed its property and buildings on the Schoodic Peninsula officially reverted to Acadia National Park, which already owned and administered much of the surrounding land.

The Center’s campus including classrooms, laboratories, a large auditorium and housing and meal service facilities for up to 200 people at one time.

The Schoodic operation is the largest of 19 National Park Service Research Learning Centers across the nation.

Schoodic Institute President Mark Berry. FILE PHOTO

Schoodic Institute President Mark Berry.

The Schoodic Institute operates the facility that offers access to Acadia National Park lands for research, education and recreation. The Institute partners with the University of Maine to bring improved science, technology, engineering, and math education to school districts across Maine.

Middle school students in grades 4 through 8 can attend the multi-day, outdoor Schoodic Education Adventure (SEA) programs.

Regular lectures and exhibits on scientific, literary and artistic topics also are part of the mix.

The Institute’s Acadia Teacher Fellowship Program supports the Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) program offering professional development opportunity for educators. Teachers work side by side with park staff and other specialists. There are also regular summer programs for educators.

Artists in residence and workshops for artists are also part of the offerings. The annual “Bioblitz” event, which materials describe as “a hands-on citizen science biodiversity event,” is held each summer

Schoodic Marine Center

Just over a year ago, the Institute began leasing the Winter Harbor marina to create the “Schoodic Marine Center.

“The Marine Center will support science and education goals by providing long-term access to and from the ocean,” said Mark Berry, President and CEO of Schoodic Institute.

Sheridan Steele, retired Acadia Superintendent, volunteers as Interim Executive Director of the Center.

Two ferries are scheduled to make up to a half dozen round trips each a day from the center pier in season, he said.

One, operated by Downeast Windjammers, runs between Winter Harbor and the Bar Harbor Inn.

The second ferry, operated by Kaitlyn Mullen, will transport passengers between Winter Harbor and College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.

Both ferries operate through Columbus Day, while Acadia’s new, 100-site campground on the Schoodic Peninsula is open.

Amanat Khullar

Amanat Khullar

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