Julie Veilleux of Window Panes in Bar Harbor displays some of the dozens of official Acadia Centennial products. PHOTO BY AMANAT KHULLAR

Products help share Acadia centennial pride

Julie Veilleux often spots people wearing baseball caps or encounters vehicles sporting the distinctive green and white Acadia Centennial Logo. It reads “Celebrate our past. Inspire our future.”

“The amount of Acadia pride that you’re seeing when you walk around the town is incredible,” said Veilleux, co-owner of Window Panes, a home and kitchen store in Bar Harbor.

She heads a products committee as part of the Acadia Centennial Task Force.

“It was a joint effort of just hashing over certain ideas and looking at price points and realizing the businesses that we have in our community and not wanting to step on toes,” she said.

T-shirts were among the products that sparked long discussions within the eight-person committee, according to Veilleux.

“Everyone loves t-shirts with some sort of logo on it, but we realized that we have a lot of t-shirt shops,” she explained. “So we thought, ‘lets let them deal with it and we’ll find other products that you might not necessarily find.’”

Window Panes, along with several other businesses and shops among more than 250 Acadia Centennial Partners, are now carrying fleece blankets, decals, mugs, lapel pins and calendars, and more, all with the official logo designed by Freeport-based artist Catherine Breer.

“We’re seeing a really nice representation of products and people are getting pretty creative with what they’re doing, which is great.”

Adding to this plethora of products sold by different businesses in Bar Harbor are two different ice cream flavors created by Gifford’s Ice Cream.

“You start realizing when you’re out and you’re talking to different businesses, that the sky is the limit. People are really thinking outside the box, which is very exciting,” added Veilleux. “Very first thing I think is ‘One hundred years; how many times do we get to celebrate something like this?’

Amanat Khullar

Amanat Khullar

Amanat Khullar is a sports reporter for the Mount Desert Islander. She comes from New Delhi, the capital city of India and graduated from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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