Centennial planning began more than four years ago

Cookie Horner

Cookie Horner

Jack Russell

Jack Russell

The year-long celebration of Acadia National Park’s Centennial is an effort that would make legendary movie director Cecil B. De Mille proud – it has been literally years in the making.

Under the auspices of Friends of Acadia (FOA) the official Centennial Celebration Task Force began forming in the fall of of 2012. From the start, with quiet determination, diplomacy, and unyielding enthusiasm, co-chairs Jack Russell and Cookie Horner, with assistance of FOA staff, including Conservation Director Stephanie Clement, and Acadia Chief of Interpretation Lynne Dominy, have worked tirelessly toward 2016. They guided the 14-member task force that managed to bring together a coalition of 14 signature sponsors, more than 250 partners, and scores of volunteers to help make Acadia’s 100th birthday a true regional celebration.

Throughout 2016 organizations, institutions, and individuals will be offering activities, products, and more to celebrate their relationship with Acadia. Celebrate your own special relationship with this magnificent place by taking part in centennial offerings that speak to you.

As the park partner most focused on connecting individuals with Acadia, FOA has been committed to the centennial effort from the start and is much involved in the celebration and operates the official website acadiacentennial2016.org.

Centennial Task Force Members

Cookie Horner, Centennial Task Force Chair and member, FOA

Jack Russell, Centennial Task Force Chair and member, FOA

David MacDonald, FOA

Gail Clark, member, FOA

Stephanie Clement, FOA

Dennis Damon, former member, Maine Legislature

Jill Goldthwait, former member, Maine Legislature, FOA

Anne Green FOA

Linda Lewis, FOA

Cynthia Livingston, Schoodic Institute

W. Kent Olson, FOA retired

Lili Pew, FOA

Sherry Streeter, FOA

Julie Veilleux, FOA

Lynne Dominy, Acadia National Park

Mike Madell, Acadia National Park

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