Letters to the editor

  • Homeport Bayonne

    Homeport Bayonne

    To the Editor: Should Bar Harbor become like Bayonne, N.J., a mega cruise ship terminal? This is the essence of the decision voters will make on June 13 when they vote for or against Article 12, “Shoreland Marine Activities District,” and Article 13, “Citizens’ Initiative.” At the town-sponsored cruise ship forum in March, town officials

  • Sponsors make event

    Sponsors make event

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Bar Harbor (MDI) Rotary Club, I would like to thank the sponsors of our mini-golf tournament held at Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf last Saturday. The weather was beautiful, finally, and the participants had a great time. I heard a lot of laughter around the course. We raised approximately

  • The Trump “transition”

    The Trump “transition”

    To the Editor: Donald Trump will not complete his term as president of the United States. The combination of inexperience, ignorance, incompetence, venality, childishness and narcissism are leading us inescapably to a presidential crisis. He has demonstrated, almost on a daily basis, his inability to discharge the duties of our highest office. But, this is

  • I will persist

    I will persist

    To the Editor: Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting with 100 or more Maine residents in a town hall meeting organized by Indivisible MDI, (IMDI) a group with which I’ve worked closely these last 3 months. Despite multiple invitations and great effort from IMDI, in the final days leading up to the

  • Sustainable growth

    Sustainable growth

    To the Editor: Over the past 88 years, The Jackson Laboratory has enjoyed steady, sustainable growth on its main campus in Bar Harbor, attracting millions of federal research dollars to the state. JAX continues to grow – providing good-paying jobs with benefits; contracting with Maine construction companies; and purchasing goods and services from hundreds of

  • Progress anything but

    Progress anything but

    To the Editor: The op-ed column by Sen. Brian Langley and Rep. Brian Hubbell titled “Progress” in a recent issue of the Mount Desert Islander is seriously misleading in at least two respects. First, it implies that those who oppose the building of a mega-pier and berthing mega-cruise ships at the former Bluenose terminal in

  • Location, location

    Location, location

    To the Editor: In recent years, the numbers and sizes of cruise ships coming to Bar Harbor each season have increased greatly and will increase again this year. Clearly, cruise ships want to come here. Segments of our tourism industry have gained financially from this increased traffic. We should ask ourselves why cruise ships want

  • Sanctuary community

    Sanctuary community

    To the Editor: Voters and town officials at Mount Desert’s town meeting made us proud on many counts, and we’d like to express thanks. It was a well-attended, well-moderated meeting, representing local democracy at its best. From 6-11:30 p.m., budgets were vetted and supported. Committees and boards made recommendations. Major, forward-thinking investments in infrastructure were

  • Yes on 12, no on 13

    Yes on 12, no on 13

    To the Editor: As a year-round resident, I strongly support Bar Harbor Warrant Article 12 and the effort to purchase the former ferry terminal. The decision to purchase the terminal is a once-in-a-generation decision that should be capitalized upon. To defeat Article 12 is to turn the land back to the state and lose control

  • Stronger democracy

    Stronger democracy

    To the Editor: Every day, it feels like the political divides in our country are only getting worse. Through these divisive times, we must remind ourselves of what we can achieve when we work together through the divisiveness. We must restore our country’s civility. Two Bar Harbor residents have taken this charge to heart. Nina