Letters to the editor

  • Climate warnings

    Climate warnings

    To the Editor: Even as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose command the news headlines and the people in their paths occupy our thoughts, it’s critical to understand that these storms represent a wake-up call for our nation. Scientists report that elevated temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, a result of fossil fuel consumption, feed the destructive

  • Primary elections

    Primary elections

    To the Editor: In a special session this fall, the Maine Legislature will be reconsidering the ranked-choice voting law, including whether or not to delay or repeal the law. It’s important to realize that this voting system does not conflict with the state constitution in federal or state primary elections. In fact, the State Supreme

  • Port authority

    Port authority

    To the Editor: At first read of Gary Conrad’s letter in last week’s paper, my initial reaction was that he was engaging in more misinformation, like we’ve seen in abundance during this ferry terminal debate. However, after thinking about it and reading his letter again, I am convinced that he just doesn’t understand what he’s

  • Revisionist symbols

    Revisionist symbols

    To the Editor: One can wonder if in the United States, the rapport to the statuary is of a particular intensity and whether the Charlottesville events participate in a specific memorial history. Public statuary is abundant and is a living art in America today as it was yesterday, as well as all visual, artistic and

  • Workforce housing

    Workforce housing

    To the Editor: There is lots of summer housing left vacant in winter that could be rented by Mount Desert Island workers from mid-September to the following mid-June. During the summer, these workers could be housed in summer camps on the island built by a nonprofit group such as Mount Desert 365 or by the

  • Fire dept. kudos

    Fire dept. kudos

    To the Editor: I would like to publicly thank the members of the island’s fire departments, and especially the Southwest Harbor Fire Department, for responding so quickly and effectively to the fire at my home Aug. 17. Your prompt response limited the damage in what could have been an extremely destructive fire, and the care

  • Monumental divisions

    Monumental divisions

    To the Editor: Confederate statues are being used as an excuse to drive a wedge between Americans in order to allow the progressive socialists to further their agenda. They have brainwashed many African Americans to believe the statues are a symbol of slavery and should be desecrated, destroyed or removed. Unfortunately, most of the individuals

  • Port authority

    Port authority

    To the Editor: A “Viewpoint” piece by Rob Jordan in the Aug. 31 Islander suggests that creating a Bar Harbor Port Authority would allow Bar Harbor taxpayers to avoid having to pay for development of the former ferry terminal site. However, financing the purchase and development of the site boils down to two possible methods,

  • A right to be wrong

    A right to be wrong

    To the Editor: I have spent a 40-year career defending the First Amendment, defending the rights of others to disagree with me and defending the rights of newspapers to be wrong. Nonetheless, I was saddened to read the Islander’s Aug. 17 editorial “Political Redundancy” with its denunciation of “the filing of lawsuits, circulation of petitions

  • Disaster planning

    Disaster planning

    To the Editor: There are many things we may regret in life, but being prepared for emergencies is not one of them. You might say I have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was forced to evacuate summer camp at Baxter State Park during the 1977 wildfire. I