• Tracking our forest neighbors

    Tracking our forest neighbors

    By Joe Rankin There’s something about the winter woods in Maine — the profound silence, the sheer whiteness. Snow whispers through the branches of the firs. There is a purity and profound timelessness to it. But that’s our human perception. Far from being a place caught out of time, the winter woods are a happening

  • YMCA, community institution

    YMCA, community institution

    By Dean Read I grew up in Belfast where there was no YMCA. There is now, after the city contributed $750,000 as seed money to get it started. My first real YMCA experience was in early 2000 when we moved to Bar Harbor and John Reeves took me to our Y at 5:30 a.m. He

  • Capitol commentary: Trump’s generals

    Capitol commentary: Trump’s generals

    By Fred Benson Three weeks into the new administration, major polling organizations report that Trump’s approval rating has dropped dramatically. The national security advisor, retired Army General Michael Flynn, resigned in a firestorm for having lied to Vice President Pence about his pre-inauguration conversations with the Russian ambassador. Some National Security Council staff members have

  • A commitment to an open campus

    A commitment to an open campus

    By Darron Collins President Donald Trump issued an executive order recently that temporarily bans citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering the United States, even those with already approved visas. The current administration’s policy shift on immigration and immigrant communities is inhumane and will be the subject of intense scrutiny

  • A letter to my rescuers

    A letter to my rescuers

    By Xavier Morin On Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, the Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue (MDISAR) team worked with Acadia National Park’s rangers and the U.S. Coast Guard to extract a hiker who fell 60 feet off a cliff near the Precipice Trail and broke his leg. The operation was very technical and took over

  • I knew we were better than that

    I knew we were better than that

    By Mary Dudzik I wrote a letter that was published in the Nov. 18, 2016 edition of the Islander, after an election that left so many of us devastated. I was left wondering if somehow we were living in an alternate reality where the rights women have fought so hard for were suddenly of no

  • Obama, Trump and America

    Obama, Trump and America

    By Jack Russell Presidential transitions can test our national mettle. Four times, an assassin’s bullet compelled the passage. In 1877, a revanchist confederacy ended Reconstruction and imposed four generations of Jim Crow. In 2001, the apostasy of the supremes delivered Bush, Cheney, Iraq and the Great Recession, harming millions. Our current ascension appalls. A historic

  • Police in schools: What the research shows

    Police in schools: What the research shows

    By Scott W. Henggeler This commentary is provided in the context of recent increased community concerns about school safety and whether the placement of police officers at Mount Desert Island High School is an appropriate intervention for our community. As a clinical child psychologist and mental health services researcher with 40 years of experience developing

  • A message from the first president to the 45th

    A message from the first president to the 45th

    By Fred Benson Dear Sire, I bring you salutations on the occasion of your inauguration as president. By a process unknown to my generation, I have been made aware of the contentious atmosphere surrounding the contest recently completed. These so-called “tweets” reveal a disturbing array of hostility found rarely in the years separating us. Admittedly,

  • Local marijuana regulatory options

    Local marijuana regulatory options

    By Lynne Williams Last month, all of the Mount Desert Island towns voted in favor of Measure One, the legalization of adult use of cannabis, as did Trenton and all of the Hancock County offshore islands. Clearly there is significant support in our neck of the woods. As general counsel for Legalize Maine, and one