• Viewpoint: Acadia is our crown jewel

    Viewpoint: Acadia is our crown jewel

    By Ann Michelson Hirschhorn Members of the new Bar Harbor ferry terminal property advisory committee are being asked to recommend solutions for a very complex issue without access to all the necessary facts. To my knowledge, there have been, to date, no in-depth economic, financial, environmental or cultural impact studies done by neutral, unbiased professional

  • Viewpoint: My Southern heritage

    Viewpoint: My Southern heritage

    By John March My mother, Mary March, died last December at the age of 91. On a weekend this spring, my brother and sisters and I gathered in Cincinnati to celebrate her memory and make a final division of her belongings. Mom had been born and raised on a farm outside Lexington, Ky., and although

  • Leading the leader on Charlottesville

    Leading the leader on Charlottesville

    By Fred Benson On Jan. 31, 1968, 10,000 North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong troops launched surprise attacks throughout South Vietnam. A key target was the city of Hué, the historical capital of Vietnam. After 24 days of the heaviest fighting of the Vietnam War, American and South Vietnamese troops painstakingly retook the city, block

  • The case for a Bar Harbor Port Authority

    The case for a Bar Harbor Port Authority

    By Rob Jordan As Bar Harbor moves forward with discussions and shared visions for the former ferry terminal property on Eden Street, I would suggest that the importance of our own port authority needs to be included in these discussions. How does a local government regulate the powers of a port authority? The entity forming

  • Editorial understanding flawed

    Editorial understanding flawed

    By Charles Sidman This letter is written to the Bar Harbor community, and its Town Council and local newspaper in particular, with as much (nonreciprocated) civility as possible. Serious matters need to be addressed frankly, however, as we are in a fundamental struggle over our community’s values, civic responsibilities and obligations to ourselves as well

  • Lobster fleet to rescue

    Lobster fleet to rescue

    By Mark Baldwin Our dinghy got loose while our boat Ella was anchored in Burnt Coat Harbor on Swans Island. After we searched the harbor with flashlights in a nearly pitch-black night, I spent hours thinking that somebody would say, “Well, this is a nice little boat I found for myself.” That was before the

  • Dragging feet on marijuana

    Dragging feet on marijuana

    By Lynne A. Williams As an attorney who was one of the authors of Maine referendum Question 1, which legalized recreational marijuana in Maine, I have been closely following the Legislature’s Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization and the members’ work on creating a regulatory model for the state. I was therefore disappointed in Bar Harbor’s

  • Capitol commentary: Trump and the ‘I’ word

    Capitol commentary: Trump and the ‘I’ word

    By Fred Benson A recent Monmouth University poll concluded that more Americans support impeaching Trump than supported Nixon’s impeachment when the Watergate scandal first erupted in 1973. Forty-one percent of the public now believes Trump should be impeached, while 53 percent do not. When the damaging content of Nixon’s oval office tapes was revealed in

  • A new voice for residents

    A new voice for residents

    I am moved to write this (unusual for me) political statement and invitation as a longtime permanent resident of Bar Harbor, participant in Mount Desert Island’s two scientific institutions and its College, current business co-owner and one who fell in love with this magical place as a summer-vacationing teenager and parent. Like many others, I

  • Keep calm and tour on

    Keep calm and tour on

    By Debbie Kane I have been lucky enough (some would call it unmotivated) to live in the Pine Tree State all my life. Most of it I have spent right here on Mount Desert Island, home to the largest part of Acadia National Park and magnet to just oodles of summer visitors. While we truly