• In search of parking solutions

    In search of parking solutions

    From the Bar Harbor Planning Board As we fast approach the 2017 summer season, we are already reminded of the increased traffic and congestion that summer brings to our small town, including the parking challenges that result. Parking, or the lack of it, has been a recurring theme in Bar Harbor for almost three decades,

  • Port authority means progress

    Port authority means progress

    By Sen. Brian Langley and Rep. Brian Hubbell The Bar Harbor ferry terminal represents an important public asset with value both to Bar Harbor and to the state of Maine. Because of this public value, as your elected state representatives, we were able to convince the Maine Department of Transportation to purchase this property from

  • The medicine that was

    The medicine that was

    By Dr. Mary Dudzik and Dr. David Painter On May 5, the Family Health Center, (FHC) located at 9 Hancock St., Bar Harbor, closed its doors forever. We wanted to let our patients know that we are now working at Cadillac Family Practice at 332 Main St. But in addition to letting our beloved patients

  • Reject myths about vaccination

    Reject myths about vaccination

    By Dr. Dora Anne Mills Immunizations are some of the most successful and safest public health interventions ever developed. Because of vaccines, diseases that were once some of the biggest killers are no longer feared. Small pox has been eliminated; polio is on the verge of being eliminated; Hemophilus influenza B (HiB) and meningococcal, some

  • Better understanding vaccines

    Better understanding vaccines

    By Dick Atlee The issue of vaccination has been polarized over many years into a false-dichotomy framework – “anti-vaccine vs. pro-vaccine.” We often hear the claim “The science is settled!” This doesn’t square with the fundamental nature of science as a process of continual questioning. Hundreds of published peer-reviewed research studies have raised valid questions

  • Capitol commentary: The Korean War – continued

    Capitol commentary: The Korean War – continued

    By Fred Benson The United States has been in a state of war with North Korea for 67 years. There was no formal end to the Korean War in 1953 but, rather, an armistice relationship that has waxed and waned in turbulence over the years. During a particularly dangerous period, 1966-69, 43 American, 299 South

  • Resist Trump, respect Trump voters

    Resist Trump, respect Trump voters

    By Jack Russell Trump now wades through his 90th day as president. He will close his opening 100 days on April 30. From day one, the Trump presidency has merited mass resistance. Trump voters, however, deserve respectful dialog. Since FDR’s famous first 100 days in 1933 launched the New Deal from four years of the

  • Against fear

    Against fear

    By Tim Garrity At the town meetings in Mount Desert on May 2 and in Bar Harbor on June 6, citizens will decide if their towns will be declared sanctuary communities. The resolutions essentially say that everyone is welcome here and that all persons are entitled to equal protection under the laws no matter what

  • Imagine a community without hunger

    Imagine a community without hunger

    By Jennifer Jones and Carolyn Pryor Thousands of pounds of food are generously being donated and collected this month at more than 137 drop-off sites as part of the Hancock County Food Drive. New this year are 13 “paper can” sites where customers donate a $1 and know that four meals (yes, four) will be

  • Capitol commentary: The new battleground – cyberspace

    Capitol commentary: The new battleground – cyberspace

    By Fred Benson Washington is absorbed in chaos. Our national government is performing in fits and starts amid incredulous presidential tweets, disrespectful treatment of heads of allied nations and spiraling combative political partisanship. As this amalgam of actions thickens, national security challenges grow and outcomes remain uncertain. Russian global interests, Chinese expansion in the Pacific,