• Guest column: Crossing paths

    Guest column: Crossing paths

    By Roxana Robinson In the afternoon, I went for a walk up the path behind our house. This stands on the hill at the head of Northeast Harbor, and the path goes straight into Acadia National Park. It leads up a steep hill, through low blueberry bushes and up into the deep woods, dark firs

  • Capitol commentary: In search of profiles in courage

    Capitol commentary: In search of profiles in courage

    By Fred Benson “There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail.” – Will Rogers In the midst of congressional gridlock guided by the off-course navigational skills of our current president, it is often said that the country has never been as politically divided as it is today. Some historians disagree, arguing

  • Transforming our food systems

    Transforming our food systems

    By Ana Zabala In my first term of college, I took a class called Transforming Food Systems. Even though I may not have transformed the food system, I did transform my viewpoints radically. Before, I firmly believed in just doing what is in my direct power. I did so, founded upon the premise that one

  • Celebrating the desirability of place

    Celebrating the desirability of place

    By Kathy Miller I am thrilled to have such an opportunity with the new organization, Mount Desert 365, right in my own town. My husband, Jerry, and I both have served on various committees and boards in town over the years. Our children all went through elementary and high school here on the island. They

  • Bridging our differences

    Bridging our differences

    By Therese Marshall According to the Oxford Dictionary, “Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.” David Rockefeller, son of John D. Rockefeller Jr., who helped create and fund what is now Acadia National Park, died this year. Many articles have been written about both

  • A positive vision for education

    A positive vision for education

    By Bonnie Tai As we look toward a shared vision for our school district on Mount Desert Island (MDIRSS), our greatest challenge will be to let go of whatever images we have of what school looked like when we attended. If we can experience what schools feel like today and imagine together how they might

  • Vote ‘yes’ on Maine Question 1

    Vote ‘yes’ on Maine Question 1

    By Kevin Strange Maine voters will go to the polls June 13 to vote on a $50 million bond referendum to support job growth in Maine. I urge you to support Maine Question 1, which will help create the 21st-century jobs that are critical to retaining the state’s college graduates and to modernizing Maine’s economy.

  • Support parking zoning changes

    Support parking zoning changes

    By Ellen Dohmen Parking! Do I hear a rousing chorus of “Not that again!” in the background? My husband and I have lived here year-round for almost 20 years, and the parking problem was front and center when we moved here, and it’s front and center now. Suggesting it is only a problem in the

  • Article 12 is the thoughtful approach

    Article 12 is the thoughtful approach

    By Basil Eleftheriou Jr. When we vote on June 13, the results will determine whether Bar Harbor will be able to purchase the former ferry terminal property at 121 Eden St. from the Maine Department of Transportation. We have arrived at a decisive point in our modern history, and if Article 13 passes, the MDOT

  • Capitol commentary: A Trump risk assessment

    Capitol commentary: A Trump risk assessment

    By Fred Benson It was early afternoon on July 24, 1974. Seated beside the desk of White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig in the San Clemente, Calif., Western White House, I watched as he took the call that signaled the end of the presidency of Richard M. Nixon. (See note below.) The White House