Jill Goldthwait

  • Free speech applies to all

    Free speech applies to all

    Free Larry! State Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) had a speaking gig scheduled for Feb. 16 at the University of Southern Maine. A student group, having discovered some of Lockman’s political views, took exception. As well they might. The representative has a long history of political controversy, much of it focused on ideas well outside the

  • Bringing humor to the humorless

    Bringing humor to the humorless

    If you thought you felt the earth tremble last week, you weren’t imagining it. The quake epicenter was in Blue Hill, and it came on the heels of fire chief extraordinaire Denny Robertson announcing that he would step down. He said in a news interview, “An all-night fire now stretches me right out.” Robertson is

  • Spotlight on the ‘real’ Maine

    Spotlight on the ‘real’ Maine

    Pride of Madawaska, we’re proud of you. Thanks to all who got this band of middle and high school students on the road to represent Maine at the presidential inauguration. Every American should visit the nation’s capital at least once, and to be invited as part of an inauguration is a rare honor. A stone’s

  • Bill titles shed some light

    Bill titles shed some light

    The Maine Legislature opened at a brisk pace. We have the text of more than 100 bills and a long list of titles, but those do not always give insight into the issues being raised. At least Maine has not taken up the tortured acronyms of Congress when it comes to naming bills. The TALENT

  • Photos for goose, not for gander

    Photos for goose, not for gander

    If the news from our nation’s capitol is giving you a headache, the news from Augusta may provide some relief. Our legislature surpasses Congress when it comes to civility, functionality and efficiency. Introduce a bill in Maine and it gets assigned to a committee composed of both House and Senate members. The bill gets one

  • Fasten your seat belts

    Fasten your seat belts

    You’re familiar with the nautical term “Nantucket sleigh ride?” Back in the whaling days, a harpooned whale could drag a whaleboat over a long distance at considerable speed, until it tired out. So it is with the new legislature, which has its harpoon embedded in some big issues and is about to go for a

  • Lawmakers ready to work – sort of

    Lawmakers ready to work – sort of

    The Maine Legislature returned to the state house on Jan. 4, fresh and dewy, ready to dig into a workload of its own creating. That means bills, usually numbering more than 1,500. Cloture, the deadline for bill submissions, was last Friday at 4 p.m. As of that day, the legislative bill directory showed exactly zero

  • Remaining resolute in Maine

    Remaining resolute in Maine

    Have you noticed? The days are getting longer. We have gained five minutes of daylight in the past week. Given that late December days are about six and a half hours shorter than those of late June, we have a way to go, but still. You could use that extra five minutes each day to

  • ‘Noel’ in short supply in Augusta

    ‘Noel’ in short supply in Augusta

    Newly elected House Speaker Sara Gideon met with Gov. Paul LePage on Dec. 9 and came out thinking “easy-peasy!” They had had a “productive” meeting, said Gideon, about building a forensic psychiatric facility to house a court-mandated population needing a secure facility but not acute mental health care. A controversy blossomed over Democrats’ claims that