Jill Goldthwait

  • The beginning of the end game

    The beginning of the end game

    Gov. Paul LePage has but a year to go in his administration, and another member of his staff is looking to the future. Her future. LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett will begin work at Kennebec Savings Bank in August. A part of the governor’s administration from the very beginning, Press Secretary Bennett was the unflappable center

  • Heading for a shutdown showdown

    Heading for a shutdown showdown

    A lot of scorn has been heaped upon the Maine Legislature for failing to get a budget out on time. “Government shutdown is better than budget nonsense,” blared one headline. No. Government shutdown is not better than anything. It is wrenching, complicated and costly. It leaves citizens without services and employees without paychecks. It leaves

  • Getting education done right

    Getting education done right

    The Maine Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee was close to running up the white flag last week. The parties were in their respective corners, with a chasm between their positions on school funding. The stalemate has been well-rehearsed. A citizen initiative approved last fall would require the state to pay 55 percent of total

  • Signs of a “great unraveling”

    Signs of a “great unraveling”

    It’s springtime in Maine. Rushing rivers, the scent of lilacs, the threat of a government shutdown … . Both parties are making shutdown noises over the education funding tax surcharge. The R’s are balking at its implementation despite the state electorate voting in favor of it. The D’s are hinting they could see a shutdown