• A bold health care approach

    A bold health care approach

    Maine AllCare is on a mission. About six years ago, a group of Mainers became the official Maine chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, an organization representing some 20,000 physicians across the U.S. The goal of the nonprofit Maine AllCare is no less than “achieving universal, high quality and affordable health care for

  • LePage in search of legacy

    LePage in search of legacy

    The end of Gov. Paul LePage’s term in office looms large. With just a year and a half before he turns over the keys to the Blaine House, his focus is drawing in ever more tightly. The governor is on the attack, policy-wise, more single-mindedly than ever. His call to “fire the legislature” notwithstanding, his

  • Candidates beginning to sprout up

    Candidates beginning to sprout up

    A shoe has dropped in the upcoming race for Maine governor. State Treasurer Terry Hayes is officially in, immediately making the contest much more interesting. A former Democratic legislator (2006-2014), she shed her party affiliation soon after she left office and ran for treasurer the same year. A coalition of minority Republicans and enough of

  • Avoiding the label of ‘crazy uncle’

    Avoiding the label of ‘crazy uncle’

    In anticipation of the next U.S. Senate race, one political pundit already has stepped up to frame Angus King as a “talented salesman” with a “carefully crafted image” and a “very successful personal brand.” Here we go. It will be difficult to frame an attack on the thoughtful, amiable King. Critics had better pace themselves.

  • Nursing cuts go deep

    Nursing cuts go deep

    Recent news indicates that Maine’s financial health is improving. The “Rainy Day” fund is climbing, the state’s bond rating has improved, and both Medicaid debt owed to our hospitals and the unfunded pension liability have been paid down. But isn’t this just half the story? The other half is the list of programs and services

  • High price of frugality

    High price of frugality

    Gov. Paul LePage jumped into the health care fray, urging Maine Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to support the American Health Care Act for the benefit of Mainers, “not the residents of some other state.” The governor called the AHCA “a work in progress,” but lo, it was more a work in shambles that

  • On Maine’s political glide path

    On Maine’s political glide path

    At roughly the halfway mark in the legislative session, more than 1,000 bills have cleared the Revisor’s Office and are making their way through the system. From the broadly ambitious to the specific and narrow, from the likely to the hopeless, each is sent on its tottering way by legislative sponsors who may be heavily