• Free speech applies to all

    Free speech applies to all

    Free Larry! State Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) had a speaking gig scheduled for Feb. 16 at the University of Southern Maine. A student group, having discovered some of Lockman’s political views, took exception. As well they might. The representative has a long history of political controversy, much of it focused on ideas well outside the

  • Lower rates are priority

    Lower rates are priority

    To the Editor: I cannot concur with the complaints in Emmie Theberge’s letter to the editor on Feb. 9, because Maine’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is rolling back net metering for solar in Maine. She claims that rolling back net metering will gut solar power in Maine. To my understanding, net metering is a bad

  • Going with the tide

    Going with the tide

    To the Editor: Constituents of Susan Collins in Hancock County are calling for her to join us for a public meeting. It is time for the senator to hear firsthand from those in her home state about issues that are important to us: health care, the environment, education, human rights, protection of minorities, and social

  • National insecurity

    National insecurity

    To the Editor: As a former Naval Intelligence officer, I am concerned with the administration’s adverse impact on our national security. It appears Trump campaign aides, including former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, contacted Russian officials during the presidential election, and this might have compromised our democratic election process. Flynn was forced to resign because of

  • Accidental president

    Accidental president

    To the Editor: The intent of the first 100 days for the Donald Trump administration was to overwhelm Americans with presidential orders, immigration restrictions and strongmen appointments that would ensure as much power as possible for the West Wing. What we have, however, is chaos, both in policy and in personnel. Instead of overwhelming America

  • Tracking our forest neighbors

    Tracking our forest neighbors

    By Joe Rankin There’s something about the winter woods in Maine — the profound silence, the sheer whiteness. Snow whispers through the branches of the firs. There is a purity and profound timelessness to it. But that’s our human perception. Far from being a place caught out of time, the winter woods are a happening

  • A decade along

    A decade along

    Ten years ago this month, Apple introduced to the world the very first iPhone at the Macworld Convention. A touch screen device with a virtual keyboard, it could take photos, play music, surf the web, send and receive text messages and occasionally place a cell-phone call. That first smartphone has altered forever how we interact

  • Safe in the storm

    Safe in the storm

    It may be hard to believe, with the current unseasonably warm weather, that barely over a week ago, we were reeling from back-to-back storms dumping more than three feet of snow over Mount Desert Island. Residents quickly fell into a cycle of hunker down, get out and shovel, clean up and get ready for the

  • Alone in silence

    Alone in silence

    To the Editor: While it is extremely disturbing that President Donald Trump issued an executive order, now suspended by the courts, that halts travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, what is equally troubling is Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s silence on such an issue of national and international importance. His spokesman, Brendan Conley, stated in the Sun

  • Disrespectful


    To the Editor: In his scheme to leave no stone, or snowflake, unturned to shift Maine’s tax burden onto the desperately poor and struggling middle class rather than enforcing the voter mandated 3 percent education surcharge (on incomes higher than $200,000), Gov. Paul LePage proposes imposing a tax on plowing. Sales and service taxes disproportionately