• Already on a slippery slope

    Already on a slippery slope

    The discussion about e-bikes on the carriage roads at the Acadia Advisory Commission last week is a prime example of the group serving its intended purpose well. From the outside, the National Park Service and Department of the Interior bureaucracies can seem mysterious and daunting. Commission meetings offer a chance for park officials to explain

  • A lesson in livable cities

    A lesson in livable cities

    This week, we will take a peek over the fence into our neighbor’s yard. That neighbor is Quebec, both province and city, and the contrast with Maine is striking. First, you are rattling along the roads of upstate Maine, dodging and weaving around humps, bumps and potholes. Cross the border, and suddenly you are riding

  • Visas boost local employment

    Visas boost local employment

    The paradox of the nonimmigrant H-2B and J-1 visa programs that allow temporary foreign workers to staff seasonal businesses is that they support local employment. The seasonal businesses that petition to bring these workers here from Jamaica, Eastern Europe and elsewhere must advertise for U.S. workers first and demonstrate that they can’t find enough help.

  • Viewpoint: Acadia is our crown jewel

    Viewpoint: Acadia is our crown jewel

    By Ann Michelson Hirschhorn Members of the new Bar Harbor ferry terminal property advisory committee are being asked to recommend solutions for a very complex issue without access to all the necessary facts. To my knowledge, there have been, to date, no in-depth economic, financial, environmental or cultural impact studies done by neutral, unbiased professional

  • Unchecked growth

    Unchecked growth

    To the Editor: Last week’s letter from Susan Stanley, published in these pages, was so factually mistaken, illogical and personally offensive that it demands the present response. I must express my condolences for Stanley’s evident frustrations and fears about the possible sale of her business location that move her to blame me personally for “what

  • Parady in class

    Parady in class

    To the Editor: I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Parady (not “Bunny” – he was my elder and teacher) as my math tutor for the summers of 1964 and 1965. Never has one man had to work so hard to educate an unwilling middle school pupil in the mysteries of Algebra 1 and 2.

  • Single payer

    Single payer

    To the Editor: Bernie Sanders, supported by others already damned for being liberals, has brought forward legislation to enact a single-payer health care plan for all Americans. It can already be predicted that the proposed legislation will go nowhere because it pits the alleged needs of significant monied interests against the very real needs of

  • History of compromise

    History of compromise

    To the Editor: In a letter Sept. 8, Donald E. De Golyer asserted that the Civil War was not founded on the issue of slavery. As a teacher of history, I feel compelled to set the record straight as to the actual causes of our country’s most bloody conflict. When it is asserted that the

  • A special homecoming

    A special homecoming

    To the Editor: The board of Local Solutions would like to thank everyone who attended the dedication and celebration of the newly renovated Parish House. The Parish House is now home to six young adults with special needs. We are grateful to St. Saviour’s Church for hosting the event, to those who donated food and

  • Proud moment

    Proud moment

    To the Editor: I just want to write and say how proud I am of the way the community came together to complete the Park Street Playground. I have followed the progress and been involved with this project for many years through the YMCA and the Bar Harbor Rotary club, and I wasn’t quite sure