• Candidates beginning to sprout up

    Candidates beginning to sprout up

    A shoe has dropped in the upcoming race for Maine governor. State Treasurer Terry Hayes is officially in, immediately making the contest much more interesting. A former Democratic legislator (2006-2014), she shed her party affiliation soon after she left office and ran for treasurer the same year. A coalition of minority Republicans and enough of

  • School vote turnout dismal

    School vote turnout dismal

    While there is no shortage of grumbling about the amount of money spent on public education at Mount Desert Island High School, there’s a big difference between being unhappy with the budget and actually doing something about it. For a prime example, one need look no further than the recent turnout for the public meeting

  • A local solution

    A local solution

    Proposals to allow municipalities in Maine the option to impose a local sales tax seem to reappear with each legislative session, much like the annual arrival of peregrine falcons on the cliffs of Champlain Mountain in Acadia National Park. Rep. Brian Hubbell (D-Bar Harbor) has introduced a bill allowing towns to place an additional one

  • Resist Trump, respect Trump voters

    Resist Trump, respect Trump voters

    By Jack Russell Trump now wades through his 90th day as president. He will close his opening 100 days on April 30. From day one, the Trump presidency has merited mass resistance. Trump voters, however, deserve respectful dialog. Since FDR’s famous first 100 days in 1933 launched the New Deal from four years of the

  • Bridge to a better life

    Bridge to a better life

    To the Editor: Everyone has a unique story that defines their childhood. No two are quite the same. My story is one of growing up in Bar Harbor. During that particular childhood, the fire that consumed Mount Desert Island, as detailed in the book, “Lost Bar Harbor,” served as a turning point for both Acadia

  • Healthy farms

    Healthy farms

    To the Editor: Healthy Acadia would like to thank the many generous farms who supported the 2016 Gleaning Initiative in Washington and Hancock counties. Their effort and generosity resulted in the recovery of 65,000 pounds of food, more than 200,000 servings. That food, with a value of more than $100,000, would otherwise have gone to

  • Mega risk

    Mega risk

    To the Editor: I am opposed to the construction of the Bar Harbor mega pier to accommodate mega cruise ships. As such, I support the Bar Harbor citizen initiative, Article 13, which will be on the June 13, referendum ballot. It will provide, if passed, a mechanism for the citizens of Bar Harbor to limit

  • Lost Control!

    Lost Control!

    To the Editor: Islander letter writer Ann Hirschhorn got it right. Officials are not considering the cruise ship dilemma from the perspective of the visitors, and let me add, the full-time residents of Bar Harbor. Once Bar Harbor allows the big cruise ship business to run the show, it is over. Money will rule, and

  • Pressing issue

    Pressing issue

    To the Editor: I want to thank the Islander for its timely and important editorial “Housing Diversity” in the April 13 issue. As we all know too well, affordable housing for both our seasonal employees and our year-round residents is one of the most pressing issues facing our community. Without shelter, our workforce and families

  • Climate march

    Climate march

    To the Editor: On Saturday, April 29, residents of MDI and beyond will gather at the Village Green in Bar Harbor for the Downeast Climate March. The event coincides with the Climate March in Washington, D.C., as well as marches in countless locations across the U.S. These marches are an outgrowth of the 2014 People’s