• Harbor cleanup help wanted

    Harbor cleanup help wanted

    BAR HARBOR — Diver Ed and the League of Underwater Superheroes need help with harbor cleanup at the Bar Harbor Town Pier from noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 23. Nondivers are needed to assist divers, operate skiffs, sort and catalog debris and/or treasures and remove marine life. Gloves and boots are handy but

  • Lobster buyer license yanked

    Lobster buyer license yanked

    AUGUSTA — A hearing examiner has upheld the one-year suspension of the license of a lobster buyer accused of failing to report a portion of the purchases made off a barge based in Seal Cove in Tremont. In August, Maine Marine Patrol officers summonsed Donald Crabtree Sr. of Crabtree Seafood in Brewer on a charge

  • Elver landings rising slowly

    Elver landings rising slowly

    ELLSWORTH — A little more than three weeks into the 10-week fishing season, Maine elver dealers have reported buying about 30 percent of the total annual 9,616-pound landings quota allocated to the state’s fishery. As of 6 p.m. on Sunday, according to figures the Department of Marine Resources described as “extremely preliminary,” dealers had purchased

  • First ship of season cruises in Sunday

    First ship of season cruises in Sunday

    BAR HARBOR — The first of 171 cruise ship visits this season is set for this Sunday, April 23. Amadea Shipping Limited’s Amadea will drop anchor between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is a small ship at 632 feet long with the capacity for 624 passengers and 292 crew members. On Wednesday, April 26,

  • MDI sailors best GSA at Marblehead

    MDI sailors best GSA at Marblehead

    MARBLEHEAD, Mass. — The Mount Desert Island High School sailing team traveled to Marblehead last weekend to race in the Maine Invitational against Marblehead High School and George Stevens Academy. MDI fielded three boats on Saturday, with crew Connor Ratcliff and Sofie Dowling in boat one, Alec Fisichella and Lucas Ingebritson in boat two and

  • Bill regulates flare disposal

    Bill regulates flare disposal

    AUGUSTA — A bill in the hands of the Maine Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee would dictate where commercial and recreational boaters should dispose of their expired marine flares. Currently, there is no program for flare disposal, and the explosive devices can pile up in boats, garages or even in the ocean. Commercial and

  • Great Duck Island is talk topic

    Great Duck Island is talk topic

    BAR HARBOR — The important waterfowl and intrepid people of Great Duck Island will be explored by College of the Atlantic W.H. Drury Professor of Ecology and Natural History John Anderson at COA’s next Human Ecology Forum in McCormick Lecture Hall on Tuesday, April 18, at 4:10 p.m. Since the 19th century, the 237-acre Great

  • Marine tech course draws industry interest

    Marine tech course draws industry interest

    BAR HARBOR — “I really want a maritime career. I’ve been thinking about it since the eighth grade,” said Will Renault, a junior at Mount Desert Island High School, of his reason for signing up for the school’s new marine service technology course. Bri Sumner, also a junior, said she has family members who work

  • Summer sailing excursion open to high school students

    Summer sailing excursion open to high school students

    PORTLAND — Baxter Academy for Technology and Science is partnering with Ocean Passages to offer an inaugural two-week sailing excursion open to all Maine high school students. Launching this summer, the program will allow students to gain nautical experience and earn digital badges in marine sciences while exploring the Maine coast aboard the 130-foot wooden