• Frustration with format voiced at vision meeting

    Frustration with format voiced at vision meeting

    BAR HARBOR — The first of two planned visioning meetings about the use of the former ferry terminal property got off to a rocky start. The meeting began late Monday in the Municipal Building auditorium, as squeaky floors and the clanking of additional metal chairs being set up made it hard to hear the speaker.

  • Suit seeks to overturn vote

    Suit seeks to overturn vote

    BAR HARBOR — Shorefront property owners James Blanchard and William Ruger are suing the town over a new maritime activities zoning district at the former international ferry terminal property on Eden Street. That change of zoning was approved by voters in June. The suit was filed in Hancock County Superior Court July 12 by Portland

  • Gov. pans pot tax bill

    Gov. pans pot tax bill

    BAR HARBOR — Gov. Paul LePage told the Bar Harbor (MDI) Rotary Club on Wednesday that if the Legislature passes a bill imposing a tax on the sale of recreational marijuana but not on medical marijuana, he will veto it. He said he expected legislators to vote on the bill today (Thursday). “Colorado has nontaxable

  • Quarry denial appealed

    Quarry denial appealed

    MOUNT DESERT — As expected, Harold MacQuinn Inc. and Freshwater Stone & Brickwork Inc. have appealed the Planning Board’s June 13 denial of their application for a license to operate a granite quarry in the village of Hall Quarry. No date has yet been set for the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals to take up

  • Ice rink enjoys warm reception

    TREMONT — It might be July, but selectmen last week were discussing the Recreation Board’s plan for its ice skating rink. The rink was constructed two years ago on town-owned property off Harbor Drive. Plagued by unseasonably warm weather and a plastic liner that didn’t hold water, the rink has been less than a success.

  • Parking group ponders moves

    Parking group ponders moves

    BAR HARBOR — The town’s Parking Solutions Task Force is regrouping following voters’ rejection of a plan to install parking meters downtown. The charge to the task force from the Town Council was to recommend a way to implement the recommendations of a 2016 study by consultants Desman Associates and Bermello Ajamil and Partners. Now

  • Online survey push met with skepticism

    Online survey push met with skepticism

    MOUNT DESERT — The idea of the town subscribing to an online polling service to collect input from residents on community issues was met with skepticism from members of the Board of Selectmen on Monday. “If we wanted to find out what the pulse was in the town for a given issue …, I think

  • Kids’ interest in town affairs urged

    Kids’ interest in town affairs urged

    MOUNT DESERT — Shepperd “Shep” Brown thinks young people should want to learn how town government works and get involved. Shep is 11. “I want to start a youth group … to learn and contribute to the politics, vitality and sustainability of our town,” he said in a note to the Board of Selectmen. His

  • Town eyeing online surveys

    Town eyeing online surveys

    BAR HARBOR — The town government here is set to begin using an online polling service to enhance communication with voters. Resident Nina St. Germain brought a proposal for the town to begin using Polco, a subscription service allowing towns and schools to collect feedback on town issues, to the Town Council last week. The