• Bears looking for easy food

    Bears looking for easy food

    Black bears do live on Mount Desert Island, and there have been numerous sightings this spring after the bears woke up from their long winter’s nap. One of the favorite places for them to go first looking for food is at bird feeders. If this happens near you, take the feeder down for a while

  • Sandhill crane seen in Sullivan

    Sandhill crane seen in Sullivan

    Spring arrives slowly and gently with subtle colors showing on the red maples and bluets blooming in grassy edges of roadsides and fields. It is a quiet awakening of a new season. In July, August and even the fall, flowers are more profuse and colors flamboyant. Skunk cabbage led the procession this spring, and it

  • Rare great gray graces island

    Rare great gray graces island

    Bird-watching is full of surprises, and you never say “never” when discussing wildlife sightings. A great gray owl is still being seen near Schooner Head in Acadia National Park. This beautiful, very large owl should be long gone from this area now. It is a bird of the far north that comes here only occasionally,

  • Skunk cabbage a beauty in spring

    Skunk cabbage a beauty in spring

    Spring marches on. I saw my first amphibian eggs only recently laid this past week. Some look like milky globular egg masses; others are laid in long strings like an egg necklace in the water. Each creature has its own distinctive egg mass. You might find it interesting to look up the many photos of

  • Peepers a welcome sign of spring

    Peepers a welcome sign of spring

    The sound of the first spring peepers is beautiful music to my ears. The call carries for over half a mile and summons all females within hearing range. The males are hopeful and persistent! When the females hear and respond, they head for the nearest small pond, marsh or wetlands. The little spring peepers are

  • Kestrels maneuvers impress

    Kestrels maneuvers impress

    Kestrels once again are sitting on the wires alongside local roads. A friend sent me a beautiful photo of this bird that he had taken this past week. The kestrel, formerly known as a sparrow hawk, is a real beauty. If they are in the area, you’ll be able to see them now on wires

  • Spring brings subtle symphony

    Spring brings subtle symphony

    The sounds of spring can be pretty subtle, but I really enjoyed hearing a babbling brook on my property this week. I look forward now to the first wood frogs and peepers. We must never be too busy with other things not to hear and enjoy these wonderful sounds. I know red-winged blackbirds are back,

  • Flickers flutter in

    Flickers flutter in

    New arrivals from the south have not liked the weather greeting them here on Mount Desert Island. On one storm day, a Carolina wren on Islesford joined local birds in feasting at a welcoming feeder stocked with food. Even a flicker flew in the end of the week and was happy to find a plentiful

  • Eagles battle

    Eagles battle

    Two friends noticed a fierce battle going on in the skies over a local blueberry field near their home this week. Two adult eagles were fighting fiercely and not holding back in any way. The snow was decorated with their blood. With the help of an ever-present cell phone, they were able to film the

  • Sea creatures accumulate with tide

    Sea creatures accumulate with tide

    Temperatures in the single numbers have kept humans bundled up and many humans indoors these days. Even my small dog limits herself to being outside and heads for her cozy chair more often. Keeping warm is to priority for all life, and if you live in Maine, you have to be resourceful to stay warm