• Water lily lures the eye

    Water lily lures the eye

    Pickerel weed is especially beautiful this month on island ponds as spikes of blue-violet flowers surrounded by large green arrow-shaped leaves rise above the water. Clearly visible, too, are the handsome white flowers of white water lily blossoms. Canoeists and kayakers actually get the best views of interesting water plants, for they can glide right

  • Valerian blooms abound

    Valerian blooms abound

    The pungent aroma from hundreds of valerian blossoms fills the air these July days in many places on Mount Desert Island. This is an easy plant to see and recognize. It can reach 5 or 6 feet tall. The large flower head is made up of tiny flowers that look pinkish white. The aroma is

  • Mullein has multitude of uses

    Mullein has multitude of uses

    Towering plants of mullein rose above the grass near my house this week. These interesting plants are elegant in their height and wide, soft velvet leaves. Small yellow blossoms provide colorful decorations on this unique plant. Mullein is not only attractive, but it also provides winter food for wildlife. Stalks in the wintertime are favorite

  • Lupine brightens landscape

    Lupine brightens landscape

    Waves of lupine wash over fields and roadsides all over the island these days, bringing a special beauty to Mount Desert Island. The showy blossoms bloom from the bottom of a thick spike. Sometimes these flowering spikes are pink or white, but most often, the colors are shades of lavender and blue. The flowers are

  • June bugs live up to name

    June bugs live up to name

    I found over a dozen June bugs around my back porch light. They are strange little beetles, and for those of us who are curious, they are edible when roasted. I tried them once. My son described them as a delicious snack prepared in oil. In this country, we are a little reticent to eat

  • Tamarack is only deciduous conifer here

    Tamarack is only deciduous conifer here

    How nice it is to see the tamarack trees green again. This conifer is the only one locally that loses its needles in the fall, as do the many deciduous trees living on this island. Evergreen trees keep their needles and look green throughout the year. Tamarack needles are now very lacy looking and a

  • Grosbeak is attentive mate

    Grosbeak is attentive mate

    A beautiful bird song attracted the attention of a friend of mine this week. With a little investigation, it was discovered to be a beautiful male rose-breasted grosbeak singing in a nearby tree. This bird is truly a gorgeous bird with its black back, white wing bars and its white breast splashed liberally with crimson

  • Bears looking for easy food

    Bears looking for easy food

    Black bears do live on Mount Desert Island, and there have been numerous sightings this spring after the bears woke up from their long winter’s nap. One of the favorite places for them to go first looking for food is at bird feeders. If this happens near you, take the feeder down for a while

  • Sandhill crane seen in Sullivan

    Sandhill crane seen in Sullivan

    Spring arrives slowly and gently with subtle colors showing on the red maples and bluets blooming in grassy edges of roadsides and fields. It is a quiet awakening of a new season. In July, August and even the fall, flowers are more profuse and colors flamboyant. Skunk cabbage led the procession this spring, and it

  • Rare great gray graces island

    Rare great gray graces island

    Bird-watching is full of surprises, and you never say “never” when discussing wildlife sightings. A great gray owl is still being seen near Schooner Head in Acadia National Park. This beautiful, very large owl should be long gone from this area now. It is a bird of the far north that comes here only occasionally,