Articles by: Liz Graves

  • Trenton yard sale rules remain

    TRENTON — Residents here still will have to apply for permits when they want to have a yard sale after voters rejected two warrant articles that would have eliminated the paperwork requirement at their open town meeting May 16. At last year’s town meeting, Board of Selectmen Chair Fred Ehrlenbach said that voters enacted a

  • Lawyer rebuts pier opponents

    Lawyer rebuts pier opponents

    BAR HARBOR — A deep divide continues between proponents of a town plan to build a cruise ship pier at the former international ferry terminal and a group concerned that such development would encourage unwanted growth in cruise tourism here. Two zoning questions come before voters at town meeting elections next month. Town attorney Ed

  • Crusaders outlast MDI

    Crusaders outlast MDI

    BAR HARBOR — The Mount Desert Island High School boys’ and girls’ varsity tennis teams fell to John Bapst at home Tuesday in a close, hard-fought contest. The Bapst girls won 3-2. Ellie Bridgers fell to Crystal Bell 8-6 at first singles. Delaney Smith topped Florentine Keil 8-2, and India Janes stayed ahead of Becca

  • Parking plan explained

    Parking plan explained

    BAR HARBOR — A plan to begin charging fees for parking on some downtown streets and in town parking lots next summer would be an adjustment for everyone, representatives of a town task force said at a forum on the subject Tuesday. But they hope residents will be willing to give it a try. Many

  • Bringing ‘Hamlet’ down to earth

    Bringing ‘Hamlet’ down to earth

    BAR HARBOR — A group of eight Conners Emerson students performed a unique, engaging interpretation of “Hamlet” at the Criterion Theatre Saturday and Sunday. The play’s directors said the public performance is just the tip of the iceberg. The performers learned and rehearsed more of the play than was included in the final version. They

  • Housing challenges, solutions explored

    Housing challenges, solutions explored

    BAR HARBOR — A shortage of housing on Mount Desert Island that’s affordable to people who work here is not a problem that will be solved quickly, organizers of a May 11 symposium said. “Our hope is to get this job done within one generation,” said Ted Koffman, board president of the Island Housing Trust

  • Ferry terminal issue debated

    Ferry terminal issue debated

    BAR HARBOR — The debate over zoning changes affecting cruise ship operations here and the former ferry terminal property on Eden Street is heading into the home stretch as a June 13 vote approaches. Residents, town officials and news media gathered twice on Tuesday to discuss the topic, at a midday Bar Harbor Chamber of

  • Tip credit bill progresses

    Tip credit bill progresses

    AUGUSTA — A movement to amend part of last year’s state minimum wage referendum took a step forward last week when a bill restoring the “tip credit” for tipped workers was passed by a legislative committee with bipartisan support. The bill, LD 673, now goes to the Senate for initial consideration. “As members of [the

  • Parking decisions go to voters

    Parking decisions go to voters

    BAR HARBOR — Finding a place to park in downtown Bar Harbor during the tourist season is a challenge. Studies estimate that for much of the day during peak season, dozens of cars are circling downtown blocks, looking for a spot to open up. Town government has been working on two fronts this year to

  • Budget deal aids JAX researchers

    Budget deal aids JAX researchers

    BAR HARBOR — Uncertainty in federal funding for scientific research is a major concern for The Jackson Laboratory, the largest employer here. But the lab and researchers around the country appear to have Congress largely on their side. President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for 2018, released in March, included a $1 billion cut to the